MadKudu + SOC 2 Type II

At MadKudu, we understand that securing and protecting our customer’s data is of utmost importance. To that end, we set out last year to become SOC 2 Type II compliant. SOC 2 Type II reports are the software industry’s gold standard for evaluating internal organizational controls. We are proud to announce our SOC 2 Type II report as proof of our commitment to protecting your data across all aspects of our organization. Our report was completed by Armanino LLP, a respected authority in the field, following the guidelines of the AICPA.

Whereas a Type I report is a point in time assessment of a company’s systems and what controls are in place to support them, a SOC 2 Type II report goes the extra mile – it evaluates, over many months, whether those systems and controls operate effectively.

This successful audit is only a milestone and we will continue our efforts to provide and ensure a safe, secure environment for your data.
To learn more about security at MadKudu or request a copy of the report, please visit

Hac Phan is a DevOps Engineer at MadKudu. He is, among many things, responsible for security and compliance.